A Vegetarian Family Recipe Book

A Vegetarian Family Recipebook cover IMG 0237

As many of our members may know, Gafta's Director General Jaine Chisholm Caunt is something of an expert when it comes to food; with two 'bitesized' recipe books under her belt, which Gafta released for the Year of Pulses and to celebrate cooking with Gafta commodities. She has now written a full-scale recipe book, complete with a wide range of delicious meals, all centred around vegetarian cooking (meat-based substitutes can be made where desired). Not only are there lots of options for day-to-day meals, but the book also includes an extensive guide on how to cook a full vegetarian Christmas menu, plus some great options for home-made (and delicious!) baby food.

Due to the current coronavirus outbreak, Jaine has decided to release this book in e-format free of charge. It contains some great inspiration for meals, plus some fantastic recipes that use store-cupboard ingredients so you will be able to enjoy delicious food without needing to visit the shops. This book is an ideal addition to any kitchen, whether you are strictly vegetarian or not, and we hope you enjoy it.

Download the book here