Global Trade Policy Committee
To consider international trade policy matters relating to Gafta's work on a global level; to agree key areas of trade policy work, assist in shaping Gafta positions on agreed policies together with advocacy strategies. To keep under review all association policy statements representing the view of the international trade and international engagements.  To shape our position and feedback to domestic and regional trade associations. The Trade Policy department collaborates with many associations at international and regional level and this committee will also contribute to inputting Gafta's international perspective in various stakeholder groups including international associations such as IGTC and IAFN, to strengthen cooperation across the supply chain.

International Pulses Committee
The aim of the committee is to consider aspects relating to trade and legislation with regard to peas and beans, lentils, chickpeas, coloured beans and pulses

UK Trade Committee
This committee comprises representatives involved in importing and/or exporting agricultural committees from the UK and Ireland. It aims to deal with all matters pertaining to UK grain exports and imports, trade agreements, relevant contractual legislation, customs and phytosanitary matters. The committee will also tackle all issues on quality and food and feed safety matters in the raw materials supply chain. This committee will also develop advocacy strategies to promote Gafta positions and make relevant representation to UK regulatory authorities.

Working Groups:

UK Malting Barley Working Group
This working group decides the test method and testing time for germination of malting barley as required by the UK contracts. It also considers quality trials and recommendations by NIAB and to consider contractual and legitimate matters affecting malting barley, and provides these decisions and recommendations to the UK Trade Committee.